Issues with Favorites
1) So I'm using MQ3 and I have UFC on my main menu. A sub menu is Pay-Per-Views which points to my favorite for that "TV Show" (it's how I have it setup). It'll work for a while but then all of a sudden I'll select the PPV submenu and it'll take me to a screen that says you have no videos. It seems the favorite gets all screwed up. To confirm I'll go to my TV shows and goto the context menu of UFC PPVs... and sure enough it gives me the option to Add to Favorites... but it was already made a favorite Grrrrrr... so I have to re-add it to my favorites and now I have duplicates.. yes, I still see the old favorite in my listing when configuring the sub-menu. So yeah, now I see about 5 favorites for UFC PPV and I need to select the last one. This is really becoming a pain. The favorite seems to mess up after doing an export. Just in case this is the issue, when I do the export I select separate files, yes to fanart, etc... no to actors, and I don't override any files.

2) I just added a new favorite for another TV show... if I goto the context menu of that TV show it says "remove from favorites"... so that confirms it's been added... now I want to use this favorite for another sub-menu... however when I goto choose my favorite in the sub-menu settings, that favorite is not listed. I have about 15-20 favorites now because of duplicates. I'm wondering if I can only have so many favorites or if this is a bug with MQ3.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
wow... so I spent about an hour looking into this and just after making the post I was able to resolve my issue.

Was able to remove all favorites and add the ones I wanted back. Everything seems to be working now. Will let you know if I get in that wonky state again. I have a feeling if I do another export I just may. Will let you know.
damn... just ran into the issue again. My favorite for the tv show screwed up after doing a Reload on that show. Please investigate.
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