How do you use scrapers with things like tv episodes
I'm trying the IMDB scraper and one problem I'm finding is when it gets tv shows it seems to have no idea what they are. It sees the title like 407 and guesses a movie. If I try to use the library view my whole directory is so screwed up because of the tv shows. Is it possible to only show comedy under a specific folder? Does anyone else have any ideas how to handle this? Also is it possible to combine filters so I can only show comedy for example staring a particular actor? It seems like I can only do 1 at a time. Considering it dumps all the results of the entire library in one directory this isn't very practical.
(2012-03-12, 08:49)Ned Scott Wrote:

Useful article thank you. You wouldn't happen to know if there's a way to combine filters would you?
Filters? Like a smart playlist?
IMDB scraper only does movies - unless something has changed recently with it.
Yeah smart playlists, I didn't know they existed. Thank you for all your help.
You wouldn't happen to know if xbmc can be set to remember previous searches or filters so I don't have to keep typing them do you?
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How do you use scrapers with things like tv episodes00
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