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Confluence - large DVD icons/text?
I LOVE confluence ATM but on the fanart display.. i feel like the DVD/artwork icons at the bottom are too small! Any way to improve this?

Like wise media info 2, the font seems too small to have on a TV in a lounge.

Please any helps or other skins similar with widgets et al that you can point me to would be a massive help.

also when viewing just 'poster' view... the black overlay blocks most of the fanart which is kinda annoying. any fixes?
Major Props Poofy and Eskro! Check out their sigs for the best help/advice.
You might check my Conlfuence MOD, there you have more viewtypes than default...
It is also possible to simply port one of the views if you like it...
Here's what you might like:



For the other issues it would be helpful if you could post a see what exactly you mean...


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Confluence - large DVD icons/text?00