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Selecting TV Shows =/= Displaying all TV show Files
I can not get to my full TV Show library from the main menu, only a handful of the different shows are visible. I have to navigate backwards to get to a menu option TV SHOWS>Browse*backspace*< *Backspace*< FILES>TV SHOWS and then they are all visible. This is very annoying.

Is this a problem with the way I have added the source, or a setting I have selected or a bug with the skin?

I really want 1-click to view my library, instead of TV Shows(or Movies)>Browse>*able to see full Library. Is this possible?
Files != Library

So it sounds like they're not all scanned or you've hidden watched/unwatched shows.
As above, sounds like your files haven't been added to the library.

Enable debug logging, do a library update and then paste a link to the log, it should highlight why they aren't being added to the library.

Here's the log, looks like a simple update was all I had to do. Thanks

edit:nvm working like a champ

Selecting TV Shows =/= Displaying all TV show Files00