Is there a way to sort TV Shows in order of episode number?

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ady199 Offline
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Is there a way to sort TV Shows in order of episode numbers instead of alphabetically??

If so, how??

Thanks in advance

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prae5 Offline
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Set, "Sort by" to Episode and "Sort Order" to Ascending.
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FonziQ Offline
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Where is "Sort by" to Episode and "Sort Order" to Ascending?
Using XBMC Backrow 12.3
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Sharpe Offline
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It's on the view menu controls that appear when you move in the opposite direction to the way the view moves.

[Image: screenshot000.jpg]

The "Sort Order" bit is the little pointy triangle - up or down for ascending / descending
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cire831 Offline
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I don't see how to get to sort order at all.

How to you get to the "Movie-Library" drop down?
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