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Watchlist: Posterformat for NEW EPISODES

I'm fiddling around with the watchlist script in this skin for some time now, and think it's the best implementation I've seen so far. The only thing that bugs me a little bit is the display of the "NEW EPISODES" poster, the first entry of the tv shows - watchlist: it displays the posters of 4 shows, scaled to fit in a single poster. That obviously doesn't look any good... is there a possibility to use one default poster/artwork for that point? like the "On Air" picture?

thanks in advance
on a second thought, my problem originates in the fact that the skin tries to use four BANNERS in the "New-Episodes" frame, while it should use four POSTERS instead... any idea why and how I can change it? the rescaled banners don't fit in a poster, of course...

thank you
finally I found the solution:

had to remove the tv-shows source to clear the library, re-create it again and set the "prefer poster" parameter for that source. After rescanning, all poster are present. But it comes for the cost of missing the banners, so it seems as you can't have both.

A pitty, but for this skin it's not my concern, as I like the posterviews here


Watchlist: Posterformat for NEW EPISODES00