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A few feature requests...
Let me start by saying I *LOVE* this skin. It is fast, easy to browse, and absolutely beautiful. There are a couple of very minor tweaks I would love to see added that I thought I would describe here. I've also looked into making the modifications myself, but it is taking me a while to get my head around the structure of these skins (how you build such beautiful skins without a graphical editing tool is beyond me). Anyway, here are my suggestions (based off the current GIT main branch, 2.0.1):

TV Shows > InfoWall view:
The InfoWall view is my favorite view for TV shows. It also is one of the only views that doesn't show the TV rating in the "footer" of the view. I'd like to request that the TV rating be added just to the right of the studio logo. On the right side of the footer, it shows the Genres, then the premier date followed by the rating as a number. Would it be possible to simplify this just a bit and show the rating as stars under the Genre (and not show the premier date)?

TV Shows > Epiosdes > InfoList view
For the InfoList view of a TV Season's episodes, it shows a Checkbox to the right of it once an episode has been watched. Would it be possible to show an indicator in that same area for when new episodes are added?

Also in this view, the subtitle under the episode name shows the aired date, then the rating as a number. Would it be possible instead of the rating to indicate whether the episode is high def (ideally a "HD" icon for episodes that are HD, and nothing for episodes that are SD)? I'm not really interested in the per-episode rating value.

I know these are minor, and specific to my preferences. If anyone could point out specifically where to look in the skin files to mess with these features, I'd be happy to try and make the changes myself.

Thanks again!
The graphical editing tool is an instance of XBMC on the second screen Wink

For InfoWall that might just work. Will try to see if it looks better. if it doesn't I'll post the code here for you to change.

For InfoList: what kind of marker would there be for episodes to mark as new in lists view?
I had several requests for hd/sd logo, but to be honest I don't think it's very informative to see in the list view. It's a nice info detail and is visible with the flags. That is of course just my personal opinion Smile
New Indicator: I imagine it as a simple starburst, about the same size as the watched indicator. Should honor the same "Show New" setting that the rest of the views do...

On the HD thing, I hear you, its a minor thing, and less and less of an issue as the SD content gets weeded out of my library, but I'm just hoping for an at a glance view of a season to see which episodes are HD (vs not HD). Not a big deal.

A few feature requests...00