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Windows - Hydraulic
(2012-03-27, 15:34)ursli Wrote: Thanks for this, working as expected here.

To my question: Anyone already managed to create a regex to only create 720p.WEB-DL .strm files if it doesn't find 1080p ones? I tried fiddling around with the regex.txt file already but I lack to knowledge to make it work.

My regex knowledge sucks, I found those regexes online and found they worked for what I was looking for. If you wanted only web-dl releases you should be able to modify the regex so that it will not return a result unless it matches the web-dl tag. The way the code is written as long as you do not select the option to create .strm files for all releases it will try to match a regex and if not matched it will not write the .strm
the regex'es in the /txt file are processed in the order they appear so remove all regexes except the one you need.

If you need original functionality back just delete regex.txt and it will recreate it with the defaults.

I used a program called expresso to test the regex'es I'm using against a few example release names, you should be able to do this as well to tweak it to your needs.
So, I'm confused. Can I install this on one computer that has sickbeard installed and sync the .strm files to other (openelec) computers?
that really great totally admire your post but i was not knowing that Hydraulic term also comes in window.
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