Harmony 200 remote and XBMC
I just bought a new Logitech Harmony 200 remote to replace my failing 659 Harmony remote. The old remote is setup as "Microsoft Windows Media Center SE" to control XBMC. Now the new remote, if setup the same, does not. So far I have tried to setup the new 200 remote as the following:

Microsoft Windows Media Center SE
MCE Remote
MCE Keyboard

None of those settings control the XBMC.

Any ideas why? Am I missing something simple?

Set the Harmony to emulate an MCE Keyboard, then use Showkey from http://xbmcmce.sourceforge.net/ to find out what if any keypresses the handset is sending.

What receiver are you using on your PC?

The receiver I am using is "eHome Infrared Receiver" that came with the MCE remote I have purchased a while back. When I setup the remote as MCE Keyboard only the following keys show up in Showkey application:

1. Numbers (1 to 0)
2. Colored buttons (yellow - a, blue - b, red - c, green - d)

Nothing else shows any input.

The IR light on the receiver is triggered by volume and directional keys (up, down, left, right) but no action in XBMC. Channel up and down and play, stop, pause, rewind do not even trigger the IR light.

Do I need a special keymap file? I thought XBMC comes configured for MCE remotes.

OK. I got it working. Not sure what actually fixed it but I have reinstalled XBMC twice and after second reinstallation, Harmony remote setup as MCE Keyboard started to work. I had to define a lot of keys based on the keyboard shortcuts though.
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