WHS 2011 as Backend
Has anybody been able to get WHS 2011 to work as a backend? I have tried Media Protal and For The Record. Both see my USB Tuner but I am unable to stream to either client or XBMC PVR build. I've check ports and opened firewall but no luck. Also, even though I can see the tuner in both backends, and the tuner finds my local channels, whenever I try to preview any channel on the WHS, all I get is a black window where the preview should be. So I am not positive that WHS is actually talking to the tuner, even though the backends see the tuner and can scan for channels. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, or similar expierences, would be greatly appreciated.

I can assure you it's working great
I've Mediaportal tvserver 1.2.2 on my whs2011 server, and 3 client with windows7 and xbmc eden pvr on it

just be sure to :

configure - the add-on correctly into xbmc with the WHS ip adress
- the drives/folder for recording and streaming in MP tvserver.
be sure to map the record/streaming drives on each client, and configure it in xbmc add-on too

Could it be that WHS 2011 does not have the right codecs onboard to show the Live TV preview?
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it is almost impossible to help you if you do not post your software versions and debug logs. did mediaportal/4therecord find the channels?
Can you enter the Live TV area in xbmc?
I tried ALL pvr backends in the last 2 weeks and from my experience the linux backends work much better, especially tvheadend.
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(2012-03-18, 16:25)margro Wrote: Could it be that WHS 2011 does not have the right codecs onboard to show the Live TV preview?

don't know about that margro I will try
but I'm using your pvr builds for a year now on my clients, first with MPtvserver on the same computer as xbmc, now with mptvserver on my whs2011 server and never had any problems
Thanks guys, I have not had the chance to get back to the issue yet but will try some of the suggestions this evening and will post the results.

I'm using WHS 2011 as a backend quite happily. I have DVBLink installed and mapped to three dual tuners for a couple of WMC machines and MediaPortal mapped to two dual tuners for my XBMC clients.
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