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Hello every one,
can we have background color or background image/texture for a "label" control, If Yes then How can we do that? Its not on wiki.

I have a list control with some static contents :
<item id="1">
<item id="2">
And I am displaying these choices on label through <itemlayout> & <focusedlayout> but instead of label I want to display them as buttons .
So the question is can we have "button" control inside <itemlayout> & <focusedlayout> for a list / list kind of
control ? advantage will be that we will be able to set image/texture for buttons background.

Thank You for Help.
1. Not one that will auto-size to the length of the label - you just have to display a texture underneath the label.

2. No, you have to 'fake' it by using your button textures in image controls with visible conditionals for when it's focused and when it's enabled.

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