Downgrade from Eden safe?

my XBMC is running on a Nvidia ION box, and it was installed from XBMCfreak package, so it has Ubuntu Lucid + Dharma 10.1. Current skin is Aeon Nox.
It works ok and I'm happy about it, but I'm following the release of some new plugins that I would like to try, and often they require at least Eden RC1.
So the question is, how safe is to try to upgrade to Eden? Meaning, if something doesn't work yet properly, is it possible to downgrade back to Dharma, or does the upgrade process e.g. alterate databases or such so the only clean way to go back to Dharma is to reinstall everything from scratch (or restore a full backup of the box)?

Thanks in advance
It's kind of a one way street - big database changes - you could back up your dharma db etc, but honestly Eden is much improved and pretty solid so my advice is bite the bullet and go forward...
Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*
Thanks for the suggestion.
In the end I did go for an upgrade but as I remembered I did not use all the space on the SSD, actually I created a new partition, installed Xbmcbuntu with Eden there, copied the library archive from the Dharma partition and set grub to boot from Eden (leaving the Dharma system still intact, just in case).
For a few days I went back and forth between the two versions until Eden was fully configured and customized.

At the next big update (Frodo?) I'll install it in the old Dharma partition and switch to boot from it again.
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