XBMC Eden Background
I posted a link some times ago in the Blog cause I wasn't registered in this Forum. But now I am, so here are the Links again Wink

Eden Logo with Beta
Eden Logo without Beta

"Classic"-Style XBMC

All Logos are Download-able in PSD-Format, or click on the Image to get a FullHD - JPEG - Version.

Use it for whatever you want Smile


New one:
Nice logo
Good job
very nice
Best looking XBMC logo image I've seen... Love to see this animated.
Big Grin
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very nice.
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Wow nice
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[Image: all-thin-banner@2x.jpg]

The classic one is really awesome...

Keep up the good work!
[Image: obi3o55x.jpg]

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These are very cool. Did you use 3ds Max, Blender, or Maya?
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Very nice. Thank you
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Love the classic one
(2012-03-18, 14:58)htpc guy Wrote: These are very cool. Did you use 3ds Max, Blender, or Maya?
I used Cinema 4D Smile

@all: thank you, glad you like it Smile
very nice.thank you
Yep thats rather good.

I do think that backgrounds should be a little more sublte though.

Maybe the logo should be smaller like the linux mint background
(2012-03-19, 19:57)Pyromaniac Wrote: I used Cinema 4D Smile

@all: thank you, glad you like it Smile

Fantastic work! thanx.. Cool
I'm use for splash (personal only)


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