Windows - Looking for the best way to rip Music CDs with most Infos and Cover

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Sonopanic Offline
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I like to rip my 2000 CDs and have XBMC to play them.
Before i start, i want to collect infos what is the best way to do it.
I gave eac a try and it works, but i haven´t get the covers yet.

Plan is, rip all CDs with Flac Compression with maximum infos of Artist, Year usw.

2000 CDs is about 10.000 minutes of pure riptime, all tweaks of automatism are welcome.
I don´t need a robot, but it will be great when the only action i have to do is put in the next CD and the program
starts and ends without any more action from me.
Eac wants many shortcuts and shows logwindows.

I like to have the secure rip-algo, if the cd has scratches, so i don´t want to loose this ability either.

Hope, this is no mission impossible.

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Sonopanic Offline
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Good support, really !
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TugboatBill Offline
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The reason you got so many responses is that as far as music goes, it just isn't nearly as popular as video. Just take a look through the supplementary tools forum looking for music scraper utilities. You''ll find several for videos, but nothing for music. Hopefully the upcoming AE enhancement will finally up the interest level.

For tagging I've been using mp3tag. It'll do folder at a time, but it isn't a fully automated tool.
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getafix Offline
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MediaMonkey apparently comes highly recommended.
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