Cannot figure out how to configure it all
I home someone can guide me through the setup I need to do so that downloaded subtitles will start to play.

I'm using Eden RC2 on win7. If I put a subtitle file along with the video, and make the names identical, it plays fine.
When I open the downloader while playing a video, it connects fine and it sais it downloads the subtitle, but the downloaded subtitle never starts to play.
I think I read there's a problem downloading to an SMB share, so I set up the downloaded directory to be local on the xbmc system.
I am guessing I'm doing something wrong, but I need help to figure what exactly. A walk through guide that's correct for Eden
would be great. Could be added to the wiki.

Did anyone help you? As I am stuck with the same problem but a macbook instead of windows 7 as I to am a noob!
When you try to download the subtitle, do you see it show up in the folder where you expected it to be, on your SMB share?

If not, then that's your problem right there - you probably need to allow XBMC write/read access to the TV/Movies folder, not just "read" only.
Some may laugh or chuckle at this but I don't know how to SMB share with a apple tv2! I know I am new at this a read a ton. But my wife would love to watch a movie with me and the only way is cc. So maybe if you could let me know even PM me that would be so awesome thanks!
I don't know what I did but did something right. I was able to get subs on now thanks!
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Cannot figure out how to configure it all00