Movie Renamer for rename movie easily

I present Movie Renamer a java app under development that allows you to rename movie files, download thumbnails,fanarts and generate a NFO XBMC file.
For install and run it , you need jre installed ( java runtime environment)

Movie Renamer is a software "cross-platform" Linux/windows (for Mac OS I don't know if it work) in french and english.
Its first goal is rename movie file and retrieve thumbnails/fanarts, generate XBMC NFO file is a plus .

/!\ Current version is Alpha

In this version, you can drag and drop files and/or folders in movie list (on the left on picture), or images from your hard drive or your web browser in thumbnails list or fanarts list.




Download (Linux/windows)

Enjoy Big Grin
NB:Sorry my english is not perfect
New version 1.2.4, with lot of bugs fixed.

Fixed wrong date when movie title contains only number
Fixed image list not clear on interface changed
Fixed imdb ID not set in editor
Fixed loading stuck en timeout
Fixed Mouse cursor loading when drag and drop file or image
Fixed Crash during movie files scan
Add generate MediaPortal NFO
Add separator for genres,directors
Add Update system
I just tried this out. So far it works great! Keep the updates coming!
New version 1.2.5

Fixed Loading dialog hide before scan finish
Fixed No such file "unintall" during linux install
Fixed Movie Renamer crash on java 6
Add Actors,countries to movie filename format
Add Limit setting to movie filename format

Quote:I just tried this out. So far it works great! Keep the updates coming!

Thanks, don't worry, until there is no stable version and no beta , update will coming every weeks (approximately)
I'm a little bit stuck on what i can add, if anybody have a suggestion/request, you can do it here :

Some idea i have (some will be implement and some not):
- Rename with NFO info instead of web (Xbmc NFO parser already implemented, but don't know for the moment how to add this feature)
- A Plugin system and a plugin for youtube trailer (search, transform link for Xbmc,....) (At least 70% coded)
- A "serie" mode for rename Tv Shows (maybe never implemented)
- A "manga" mode for rename anime/manga (maybe never implemented)
- Renaming all movies in a directory with NFO info automatically (batch processing)
- Add theMovieDb scrapper (already implemented but not activate)

Just tried it out and its working great! a TV mode would be epic Smile

thx again for your work, i love seeing apps that work under linux

P.S do you know of filebot ( its also fantastic and written in java, maybe you guys can share some code ;-)


If more devs added this magic line, a lot less people would bitch about Java being ugly


Or use Nimbus LAF if you want to keep things cross-platform. But please no Metal. Wink
Quote:If more devs added this magic line, a lot less people would bitch about Java being ugly
Well , i know but i hate GTK Filechooser , i prefer ugly Metal LAF Filechooser Big Grin
More seriously, i want to use "Synthetica Black eye" LAF ,just think about for the moment (not sure i will and i can).
I will think about your "request" for next version.

Preview :



I'm working hard on next version, which will be 2.0 Beta.
I really don't know, when it will be release , I have re-wrote about 60% of source code and include some stuff like LAF chooser, more scrapper and rename for tvshow

I'm working on other projects since the last version, and I have many problems on current development version, which is why next version taking so long.
Next version (2.0 Beta) will be better quality with lot of improvement and adding, most of algo were re-wrote to increase speed, manage error and make something more stronger and stable.

Sorry for inconvenient, you just need to be patient.

NB: Current version works on Mac OS system , and for next version a specific installer was made for it.
Thanks for this. Will give it a try tonight
Will this put the movies and files in thier own separate folder?
Nevermind, I decided to give it a try and seems like it does. I'm having an issue though, it seems that because it's a java program my system is not letting it make changes to unowned folders and what not, how can I run this in an elevated state?
Well I got that to work. The program works pretty good but I have a few suggestions.

First the ability to name a folder something other then exactly what the file name was. Maybe a custom naming field similar to what the file name field has. I generally make my movie files just the movie name, and the folder has the name and year.

Secondly maybe have an auto rename function that only bugs you when there isn't an exact or popular match or something? Took me a long time to do all my movies lol. I know having something like this can sometimes be a pain but it's also a pretty big pain doing 300 movies one by one.

Other then that it worked really good, most of the time the first option was the correct one and really organized my stuff quite well.

Yes, you can create a directory for each renamed movies files, but there only 2 options for directory name.
In next version directory could be rename as you want like movies files(same options).

1°) Already present (coded) in development version.
2°) It's something i will do, a batch processing, unfortunately not in next version, but after

If you've got any issue/suggestion you can report it here :

Next version will be better in almost all ^^ Most of algorithm were re-write and lot of feature added.
Great work on this !!! It works and is so easy to use.
Hey there!
So far this looks great!
I can't get it to detect a network drive on OSX. Is it not supported or am i being stupid?
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