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[Release] (Video) Plugin
Download link updated: 09/12/2012

Download zip file.

Browse and watch videos from

As usual, due credits to all devs whose code and graphics I might have used.

Limited or no support available Big Grin

I will be the first to say it. This is a nice addy,quick works well in all Skins,no delay or buffering and gosh darn it- Canadian content well done Scripter. Thank you!
The file is not available anymore..? Any other place I can download this file from?

I would really like to view NFB/ONF stuff in Xbmc.

Thanks a lot!
Download link has been updated.
Thanks for the file.

Is it still working for you guys? Because it's not working for me. Sad

I tried with XBMC 12 on Linux Mint 13 64bits and XBMC 11 on Windows 7 64bits.

I haven't had the change to take a better look at this, but will try this we.

No installed today but script error at start up
Ok my bad. I think I grabbed some interim version that I was working on. Will update the correct working version later.
Updated. Download link is the same.
Ahhh thank you, it works!

I was wondering if it could be possible to add the french content from ?

Since it's the from same source/web site, I guess it's possible?

*I wish i knew how to code.... :S*

Works great, I've been hoping someone would make a NFB plugin for years!

I just watched "Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering" a nice Canadian folk tale

Thank you from Vancouver
Updated. Now able to browse French contents.

I really appreciate it! Smile
Pretty sweet. Smart to use the mobile API... I was working on a plugin for it but got distracted. Instead of using API I was scraping the site -- or planning to anyway. I was able to get to the point where I could play a video by passing its URL to the plugin. I was using some python module for decoding ActionScript.

One thing I find curious.. does the API provide only a single URL for a video? I found the ActionScript provides multiple URLs for various video resolutions up to HD.

I would have preferred using an API but didn't find any documentation available on their site and figured they'd probably tell me to shove off if I asked them for it ;)
The API does return multiple URL if available. I automatically choose the HQ if available. You could check out the source here:

API's are easy to find with wireshark and other web debugging tools.
Great Plugin. Thanks so much.

Could 720p video playback be enabled?

Love to know...


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