How to Enable Clear Art / Logos For Aeon Mq3?

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protocol77 Offline
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hi i have recently starting looking at this skin and really like it however i noticed i cannot select the views to use logos or clearart as it is asking me for logo download addon which i think has been merged into Artwork Downloader and so it no longer exists in the repo's

does anyone know a way to get around this issue as i don't really like the other views i like to have a nice big clear view of the fanart

hopefully a updated release of this skin will be released soon as i think when this skin version was released it was before the logo downloader was removed as a single addon
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Ovokx Offline
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which version of XBMC are you running? On the Dharma version (10.1) is still available

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fubofo Offline
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Works for me

AEON MQ3 - version 1.2.3
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gibxxi Offline
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There will be an update posted soon that deals with this very issue on the Eden releases. MarcosQui is aware of and has acknowledged the issue and says it will be fixed in the next release. You'll just have to be patient, like the rest of us, and wait for it.

If you've got v1.2.3 installed already on Eden, it should automatically update when the new version is released. Alternatively, donate to his repo and become a VIP with access to his SVN editions that haven't yet been released to the public. Either way, your choice.


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thebearnecessit Offline
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so version 1.2.4 of mq3 is out. i have it installed. I have the artwork downloader addon installed.

But I still can't get clearart working. any ideas?
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mrussell555 Offline
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I don't know if you have gotten this to work, but I have been trying too. I just updated to full version of Eden this morning (don't know if that had anything to do with it) and went in to try again in skin settings. It didn't tell me I had to have Logo Downloader installed anymore. Worked just fine.
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