folder naming (720p/1080i) in addons
I just wanted to create an xml file for the addon SuperTV for aeon nox in 1920x1080.
I copied the myvideonav.xml of the skin to a newly created ADDONPATH/resources/skins/defaultskin/1080p folder, named it myTVnav.xml and changed the addon.xml of the supertv addon to

    <extension point="xbmc.python.script"

it didn´t work as it could not find the needed xml.
i also searched through all addon files to make sure that this isn´t hardcoded in the addon code.
i tried 1080i then in the addon.xml and renamed the folder to 1080i, after that it worked. is that a relict from xbox days?
most logical would be to use 720 and 1080 for foldernames everywhere since interlaced or not interlaced does not matter concerning the skin xmls.

EDIT: i know that i can place the myTVnav.xml in the skin 1080p folder but despite of that the current logic doesn´t really make sense anymore.
had a quick look at the source code, perhaps the concerning part in skin.cpp should be modified after Eden?
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folder naming (720p/1080i) in addons00