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[SUBTITLES] DVB, Teletext and XBMCSubtitles
Dear Developers,
I am using ION build on the latest Openelec PVR version (VDR+XVDR).
What I discovered was that in case the stream has .dvb subtitles they can be selected and visualised properly.
The problem is that in case the stream has teletext subtitles they can't be selected directly, but need to run them manualy inserting the propper pids directly in the teletext menu. Such is the case with BskyB. The subtitles are living in pid 888. Is it possible XBMC to recognize them and give an option to be selected as normal dvb subs?
Additionally I was wondering, why when I am watching TV the XBMCsubtitles are not an option? Is it possible the XBMCsubtitles menu to be visible in the PVR options and when an external subtitle is loaded to synchronise the propper time from the EPG?

Thanks and best regards.
xvdr is not in our main tree, so if something is not working with that one, please contact the add-on developer.
subtitles do work properly with tvheadend.

an external subtitle add-on is not an option, because you can't sync it. the epg is never exact, and that would be needed to get external subtitles working.
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Thank you very much dushmaniak for your fast reply.

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[SUBTITLES] DVB, Teletext and XBMCSubtitles00