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WTV Windows Media Center File Support
Is there any way to play Windows 7 Media Center Recordings (WTV Format) in XBMC? I have Eden RC2 and have tried on many other versions without success. After renaming with the proper format, scraping is not an issue. The files play and look great, but have no sound. There are no alternate sound tracks to choose from either. The files do play fine in Media Center, but I can't figure out how to tell XBMC the correct sound track to play.

I've searched many times and have not been able to find any information that would lead to a fix. Any help would be much appreciated!

wtv support is incomplete, will be fixed with an ffmpeg update, after the Eden release.
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Good to know! I use Media Center as my DVR with a quad Cable Card Tuner. I can watch recorded shows via Xbox 360, but support is very limited for streaming AVI's MKV's etc via Xbox 360. I have an Apple TV 2 in the bedroom I just jailbroke via Seas0nPass. I was sad to learn that XBMC is not yet ready for the new iOS 5.1 Apple TV users. (but is in the works) Once XMBC for iOS5.1 is out, and WTV support is added, I'll be in digital heaven. (looking forward to the ultimate bedroom TV experience) I heard the Apple TV 2 is not prayerful enough for 1080P streams though, so not perfect. The Apple TV 3 is out, but not yet jailbreakable. Maybe I should just buy a inexpensive fanless PC or Linux box that's dedicated to XBMC. What is the cheapest quiet/small 1080P compatible XBMC solution out there?
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Can definately confirm that from Frodo Alpha 1 onwards, WTV support is much, much better (at least under Windows) than previously; presumably thanks to the ffmpeg update that accompanied it.

Fast seeking; no more '30-minute length' bugs; smooth playback.

Very, very happy with this! Thanks, XBMC Dev Team!
What's the current state of WTV support? I haven't played with XBMC in awhile. I'm moving in with a friend soon that has XBMC via Linux in his livingroom. I'll have my WME box in my bedroom, but would like to play the recordings in the livingroom via XBMC. Should I just share the Record TV folder and point to it, or is their something else to add/configure?
you could always set the playercorefactory to startup media center for wtv files, it works
(2013-07-04, 05:47)ezcape Wrote: you could always set the playercorefactory to startup media center for wtv files, it works

That's not an option if the HTPC is running the Linux version of xbmc. My roommate has since switched to Windows 8 though so I can run Media Center once again.

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