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Update not automatically with a repo

A develloper create a repository,
but he do not know why, update auto don't work
when I look in the repository via XBMC, I still have the old version of the plugin,
but if I do an unistall / install the new version is downloaded.
He has one and create a addons.xml addon.xml.md5 (with md5sum ubuntu)
when I look on the repository, it is the correct version, and I do not see where I made the mistake.
I compared with several other repository, it seems like.

Xbxl our repository, available via the Installer repository,
version of the addon that shows is 1.4.0 (the first I installed), but I am in the 1.4.2

Thanks( sorry for my english, i'm french )
the md5 file is what controls the auto-update. every time a new addon has been added, recreate addons.xml and addons.xml.md5.

if that's what you do, i need to see the repo definition.

Update not automatically with a repo00