If there's no chapter info, "Next Chapter" button Jumps 5 minutes
I was thinking about this...

It's pretty much a standard to have chapters of 5, 10 or 15 minutes of lenght in DVDs...

Although, not all movies come with chapter info nor all DVD or BD Rippers include chapter info in the files///

Would be possible, if there's no other use for this button DURING THE PLAYBACK of a movie, to make it jump 5 minutes forward or backward, in there's no chapter info in the file?

If there's another use for this button, could this be made an option? It would be really useful for people who doesn't use whatever this button does in full screen playback mode.
You mean the On Screen Display buttons?
Well, yes...

The button on Remote Control just sends the same command to xbmc as pressing the OSD button, doesn't it?

My intention was to make the RC work this way, but I think the OSD button could work this way as well...

Would be more practical to add it as an option, I think, because some people probably are more used to the way it currently works.

EDIT: Fast Forwarding is hard to control, and is less practical than this idea.
There is such an option when no chapters are available...
And you can also set the time interval yourself, using the advancedsettings.xml
---> http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Use...3Cvideo.3E

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If there's no chapter info, "Next Chapter" button Jumps 5 minutes 00