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Odd condition behaviour with DialogSeekbar
I'm using the following to include conditions in the DialogSeekbar.xml and I'm witnessing some strange behaviour. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out a bit.

Code used:

<include condition="Player.HasVideo">OSD_Video_Header</include>
<include condition="Player.HasAudio">OSD_Music_Header</include>

The condition appears to only be checked once regardless if I switch from playing music to playing a video. If I reload the skin everything works properly until I switched to the opposite type of media.

My question: Is DialogSeekbar only loaded once upon XBMC's start and this is why I'm experiencing this issue? If so, is there a reason to have the window created / loaded if media is not currently playing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Smile
DialogSeekbar (and DialogBusy, DialogKaiToast, DialogMuteBag, DialogVolumeBar, Pointer) are loaded just once - this means they will resolve include conditions just once too. You will have to use visible conditions instead of conditional includes here.
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Thanks Pieh for the response. Good to know about the others as well. Smile
Ugh. Nevermind, error was on my end. I've been staring at code for far too long tonight.
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