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See Volume Level
I am new to XBMC, just bought a HTPC
and this software seems to be the best fit for me.

Just two things I would love or do not understand.

I don't get why it doesn't play the next video file (without a playlist) right away, without stopping.
It doesn't make sense to me, to always create a playlist. Every dvd or bluray-player plays the next file.
I don't get why it doesn't play the next video, when I press next on my remote

and it would be very nice to see the volume level every time I change the volume (like on a normal TV)
even when I am playing a video, dvd, bluray too

Other then that it is a great software.
Thanks for developing it.
What type of video are you trying to play?
If you are watching tv-shows, there is a button in context menu that says "play from here"
But that's only for tvshows...
So it would be good to know in which specific part you see that problem...

And there is a volume indicator when you change it...this only works if you don't passthrough the video as then the volume is controlled by your amp/tv...

You can test it while plaing music and press "+" or "-"


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Sounds like an outdated version you are using when you don't see the volume indicator. Even with passthrough it should pop up a little message which says that volume control isn't available in passthrough mode.

Maybe your keymaps for your remote don't handle volume changing? (aka are you sure the volume gets changed and only the indicator is missing? If so - update to RC2 because i should have fixed this some weeks ago).
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Memphiz, this must be a really outdated version...IIRC the volume indicator already was in Camelot Big Grin

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i use the newest RC2 version.
The volume control works. It is getting louder or quieter.
I use a MCE Remote, so the windows volume is being changed, not inside XBMC

And for the videos, does it really matter what file it is?
I just don't get why in a folder when I play a video or sound file
when this ends the next file is being played. Shouldn't matter if it is a movie, tv show or something else.
the same with the next button on the keyboard or the remote
All without a playlist.

I thought this would be standard. That is why I am so surprised.
XBMC does not control Windows volume and vice versa so you either need to change your remote to change the volume in XBMC instead of windows or make your windows show some kind of overlay if you change the volume there.

Concerning playing the next file I have to disagree with you. In 95% of the time I watch a movie or episode I only have time to watch one video and then I turn of my display so auto-playing the next file would totally annoy me. If you play a DVD with your player it doesn't auto-play the extras on the DVD after playing the main video (at least it doesn't do that on the DVD players I've used so far). Furthermore why would I want to watch "28 Days Later" after having watched "21" just because it's the next movie in my library? Doesn't make any sense to me at all.
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Personally I'd love to be able to play all files in folder starting from user specified file. I use XBMC almost every night when going to bed and I want to leave it playing. This would be the easiest way to watch documents etc. Would be nice if it could be added to options so people could choose if they want to use the current system or the proposed version.

On a sidenote, is there an option somewhere to "flatten" the sound? By flattening I mean cutting loudest volumes off at user specified point so that even quiet speech would be understandable but explosions etc wouldn't wake the whole building up? If not, I think this would be a nice option for us nighttime users.
Ok, granted I have a couple of beers in me at the moment, but why would you need to see the volume level in xbmc.
Dont most people control the volume through the tv or receiver?

See Volume Level00