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10.1 or 11RC2?
I'm building my first HTPC, and decided to try XBMC as the front end. When faced with released vs. pre-release versions I tend to choose the stable version (10.1 in this case). However 11 looks close to release status, looks like it has worthwhile improvements, and I imagine that I will have to redo a lot of setup stuff if I move from 10.1 later.

So what would you suggest? I'm leaning towards 11RC2, but would like to know if there are any limitations I should expect, and whether upgrading to the release version will be as simple as installing it over the RC.

(The only thing I want to do which may need some tinkering is to scrape Hebrew images for movies.)
I'm using RC2 and haven't experienced any problems.
v11.0 will be released any day now. You might want to wait a week or so.

Thanks. If 11.0 will be released shortly, then I assume it will be close enough to RC2, so that is safe. I do want to get this up as quickly as possible. However, I will probably start using Ember Media Manager to create the library (assuming that adding a scraper designed for XBMC there is possible), which will give me a little more time to wait while this is done.

10.1 or 11RC2?00