Windows - german rating images?

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schwurz Offline
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Hey there,

is it possible to get the german rating images in this awesome theme?

Thats the US system

[Image: RatedM_t37rqs.jpg]

And thats german

[Image: FSK_ab_18.png]
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MastaofDesasta Offline
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Isn´t this possible already?
I guess you can select icon apcks in the skin settings?
geht das nicht bereits?
Meines wissens lässt sich in den Einstellungen doch ein icon pack auswählen?
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mad-max Offline
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Yep, it's possible since MQ 2.6...

Hah, schwurz it is you...dind't check...
So I suppose that the issue is solved due to our German HowTo...

[Image: obi3o55x.jpg]

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