Any interest in hiding tv thumbnails when hiding plot?

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Question  Any interest in hiding tv thumbnails when hiding plot?
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Love Xbmc but the one thing that mediaportal has over it is the plugin mp-tv series in which you can hide the plot and thumbnail of a tv episode until you have watched it. I have seen a few people request this as an option but nothing seems to have come to it.

The request is that when you choose to hide plots then the Tv thumbnail will also be hidden, maybe it will just display a dark image with 'hidden to avoid spoiler' or maybe just a dark image or whatever. The thinking is that if you have chosen to switch off plots then you can assume that you are trying to avoid what may happen in an episode. But why have an image of characters or situations that may spoil what will happen in that episode? It just makes no sense to me.

So, if you like the idea of hiding tv show thumbnails until they have been watched then please just give a +1 in this thread so skin developers can see if there is enough interest to warrant them taking the time to make this request happen.

Cheers chaps.
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Please implement this. XBMC keeps spoiling my TV watching.
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Aeon NOx Gotham plus allows you to do a lot of customizations. Have you tried that skin.

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