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Hide Volume Control ?
Is there a way to hide the volume control bar ? I try to click and double click but it's always on top while watching video.
I try to find answer in the forum but find nothing.
Excuse my english, i'm a french user of your skin.
It should only be visible if you move the mouse over it or you have it muted.
For me it was always shown even mouse away, what is "you have it muted" ? Do you mean the sound muted ? If this, even when sound is on it was shown...

A french bug ? ;-)

I have uninstall the Xeebo skin and reinstall the new version but volume bar was always on screen.
Does anybody know which XML file i can modified to unset volume control ?

Instead i will have to choose another skin but i would like to keep XEEBO... I love your skin...
DialogVolumeBar.xml but there's no reason for it to always be on unless the mouse is over it or the volume is being adjusted.
I know there is no reason but it was... Even if i put <defaultcontrol>0</defaultcontrol> and even if i delete DialogVolumeBar.xml in

So, i have reinstalled XBMC and XEEBO, everithing works normally now.

Hide Volume Control ?00