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Loading external audio tracks
I think it may be useful to add in a future release an option for selecting external audio tracks from MP3, AC3, AAC, DTS, WAV etc...
Non of other similar projects does not have this feature, but many users need it!
Who supports me? Nod
Why in the world would you store your audio tracks in a separate file?
Indeed. Just mux them into a container with your video - doesn't take very long.
See, there are different situations.
Example: storage of divx/xvid content is sometimes necessary (because of compatibility limited to fat32) to not exceed 4 GB in file size. Therefore include all the audio tracks in one file uncomfortable.
Hardly claimed English-speaking population of the world. But it is very actual to foreigners!
I actually have audio tracks for at least 3 languages: english, russian, ukrainian.
Russian & Ukrainian publishers of movies often does make different translations of films.

In general it is the same as with subtitles - if you can load external subtitles, why not do the same for audio tracks?
I think the solution is for you to stop using FAT32. Seriously, why are you still using that?
(2012-03-22, 15:33)YodaEXE Wrote: I think the solution is for you to stop using FAT32. Seriously, why are you still using that?

for compatibility reasons with other non NTFS capable devices... Why are you so against this option??Angry
It's more that with blu-ray rips, etc these days it's just not feasible to keep everything under 4GB. If you have to keep it under 4GB you're best off reducing the video resolution/using higher compression and/or transcoding the audio to a more compact format e.g. if it's 5.1 AC3, transcode it to 5.1 AAC (if you can play that back) or drop some channels. If you're talking about playback on a phone or a tablet (e.g. SD card), 480p is plenty (unless of course you're actually displaying it on a TV).

Most containers don't support multiple audio tracks (at least, not without hacks in the playback devices) so I'm guessing you're using Matroska (MKV). If so, I don't know of any device that supports MKV but not h264 (but that doesn't mean there aren't any). If you can play back h264, you're best off transcoding everything to h264 for the space savings.

The thing is, since there are so many files where the video now is >4GB, there's no incentive to support audio external to the video. There is an incentive for supporting external subtitles, because a lot of people download subtitles from services separate from the actual video (normally using a plugin to XBMC so it's transparent).
well, I understand your opinion - if you do not need it, it is not necessary for other too...
Ok, if it's so hard to understand the need of such option i will use normal mediaplayers e.g. KMPlayer or GOMPlayer, they do what I need (maybe not so convenient for using HTPC)Tongue
It'd be a useful feature, and here's one reason why:

One might want the director's commentary to be an optional audio track when playing back a file (Or even perhaps an HD audio track). But, sadly, whoever decided to seed certain content decided the director's commentary (or whatever track) wasn't worth having around, and chose not to include it in the final mux.

Now, someone else down the line might download this content, and, having different preferences, may choose to rip the commentary audio from the DVD version. From there, this person could mux the commentary into the existing MKVs.
The downside to that? *Good luck trying to seed modified files to keep one's ratio up.*

That's just one exception; others might have other reasons.
Personally I'd like this option for all of my RiffTrax commentaries. It would be nice to just load them into my movie folders and access them whenever I wanted to hear one.
I also use it primarily for RiffTrax, but there are other uses as well...
I created a ticket with the same request ages ago,

Edit: When I say "I also use it" I'm of course referring to the many other media players that already support it, like mpc-hc, vlc, etc

I'm trying to implement this feature, but just got a poc with a hackish code at the moment.
The only reason I'm announcing it is to avoid unnecessary work in case someone else is working at the same feature. If so, please notify me.


I opened a PR for my implementation of this feature:

Awesome news, thanks for working on this. Do you plan on supporting getting the audio tracks name from the filename if it's named like this:


...and list the tracks as "Commentary" and "RiffTrax" in the UI?
Good point. I will have a look at it after/if this has been accepted.

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