All videos skipping frames
Since I have upgraded to Eden I have this strange problem:
All videos (even with low bitrates) hangs for a short moment then restarts normally.

I tried to monitor the processes CPU usage with top command and I noticed that the usual CPU usage of XBMC is about 40-50% (40% IDLE).
But sometimes XBMC process has a spike and reaches 90% for a short moment (that's when the video skips).

I tried to disable all add-ons to check if one of them could be the culprit, but no luck.
Also tried to play with video settings but the problem still persists.

Any idea?

Thank you
Debug log needed: HOW-TO:Find and post XBMC.log for Apple TV 1 (wiki)
Here it is:

Maybe I should mention that it doesn't happen if I watch a stream on rtmpgui+

Thank you Ned
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All videos skipping frames00