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Customizable Widgets
Would it be possible to add the feature currently in place in the Glass skin, which allows the user to define widgets on the home screen based on playlists & other options? The skin also has great home screen customization options which would be a great addition to the already great customization options in Nox.

Thanks, love the skin!
In latest version the playlist widgets are already supported. Atm only for movies, but I'm working on tvshows support.
Great! Sorry didn't notice that, where do you enable it in the skin setting?

I know this is off topic, but rather than create another thread, would it be possible to add a rightlistview, to the many views already in place? It's the only one missing from other skins that I would use along with the views currently in Nox. Thanks!
Nope, sorry. Next version (3.0.0) will feature 1 new viewtype (TriPanel) and will loose a few in the process.
All widgets can be activated in teh widget option in the skin settings
Ok cool, however I'm in the widget menu and don't see anything about playlist widgets? Is the svn version the latest or is there a git version?
newest: (not ready yet)
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(2012-03-25, 17:54)phil65 Wrote: newer:
newest: (not ready yet)

Thanks for the info, however I still see no option in the widget menu to select a playlist to appear on the homescreen. What am I missing?


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