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FPS/HZ Smoothness
I've not forgotten. I was out of town for the weekend.
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No problem, no rush at all.

I'v actually discovered something new recently which has probably been adding to the confusion. I THINK that part of the problem is caused by putting the computer to sleep. I just had a file playing that wasn't smooth. Exited XBMC and put Windows back to 60HZ, checked the vid and it was better but strangely using very CPU usage. I then went back to 50HZ and it played fine. Each time I changed the setting I exited XBMC and launched it again.

It was similiar to the symptom i described on post #18 but at the time I didn't realise that it was actually exiting XBMC taht solved the issue, not switching the refresh rate.

I usually put the PC to sleep with XBMC open and switch back on later, so can keep using XBMC. Maybe ill start exiting XBMC now and launching it to see how it affects the smoothness.

I'm not sure if this issue has ever happened to anyone else before.
There are threads related to strange playback after resuming from sleep with XBMC running. One person reported that turning off spread spectrum in the BIOS for the CPU cured this for him.
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(2012-04-12, 22:35)cami Wrote: What do u know about reclock?

Could it be a solution?

And if im going to say put a delay of 300ms (to the left in the XBMC offset option) on 24p content only.

How should it look?

Probably like this:



    <fpsdetect>2</fpsdetect> <!-- fps detection for video playback, 0 = trust codec fps, 1 = recalculate from video timestamps with uniform spacing, 2 = recalculate from video timestamps always -->

  <!-- Compensate display latency (video lag). Latency is given in msecs. -->
  <!-- Requires XBMC 11.0 (Eden) or later. -->

    <!-- Global default display latency -->

    <!-- Override latency for given display (not video) refresh rates. When XBMC is in windowed mode, override is ignored. Multiple overrides are allowed. -->

    <!-- Syntax of an override entry:
          <min>, <max> refresh rate range, OR
          <rate> exact refresh rate
          <delay> display latency for the given refresh rate

    <!-- Example: display has 300 msec latency at 23-24 Hz -->



I don't know where you are at in this process now with your recent posts, but you may also need the <adjustrefreshrate> section as well for your 24p content.
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Thanks so much!

I will add that asap and i will look in my BIOS for what you mentioned above.

One other query seeing as you seem very knowledgeable and helpful... when using true fullscreen mode, as opposed to windowed mode, if a notification (ie windows update etc) pops up, XBMC is minimised, is there a way to keep XBMC on top while in true fullscreen?
No. When running in true fullscreen mode any other app gaining focus will cause XBMC to minimize.
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That's a shame, guess one of the downsides of using Windows. I will look in to that in the future, you'd think there'd be a solution. In the meantime, the XBMC button (shortcut to xbmc.exe) on my remote brings XBMC back up instantly and it only happens occasionally.

I turned spread spectrum in the BIOS so hopefully disabling it sorts that. According to a quick google, disabling it seems recommended and speeds up the system so all good.

And thanks for the delay settings for advancedsettings.xml. It worked perfectly. Unfortunately a few vids don't have the same delay, generally shorter vids like youtube etc. But the majority do require it so i'll be adjusting less than I was.

I'm slowly getting closer to the perfect settings Smile What I've noticed now, that while 24p content is smoother and 30/25fps is perfect now, 24p seems to have more frame drops than before. Like before I never had frame drops unless seeking through the video, now I do get them occassionally. So more investigation is required.

I also need to retry setting up my Harmony remote with FLIRC.

But definitely making progress. Always getting compliments on the XBMC interface!
I wouldn't trust any clips on Youtube for adjusting delays and timings and such. There is no telling how they were compressed, shot etc.
Read this before using these builds.
I'm still a lot happier with all 25/30fps stuff and the audio delay in 24p stuff seems allright at 300ms, I'm noticing the frame drops on the 24p stuff more. I think overall (camera pans etc, movement) it's smoother like this but occasionally, every couple of minutes or whatever, I'm noticing sort of jumps and if I leave the OSD up (o on k/b) I see it dropping roughly 4-5 frames every now and then.

Looking through search results on google gets lots of people talking about this stuff. Some setting custom resolutions and refresh rates, mentions of reclock and some saying other media players are better etc. Talk of 23.97 etc not being possible on Nvidia and 24p being as close as it gets.

What's strange and I don't understand is how 30/25/50 and 60 fps is not dropping frames but 24p is. The resolution of the videos doesn't seem to be an issue and GPU/CPU usage is low.
Sad No improvement yet.

What's funny is most people seem to use the "adjust refresh rate to match video" setting to cure smoothness on 24p but for me it's the opposite. That setting seems to create frame drops but it makes the other refresh rates smoother. (30/60)

If only I could use it for everything but 24p.

I'm thinking of trying xbmc live or Linux cause then I could try this guide
What i found out, is to check the TV for any frame motion settings, because when running 25 or 30 fps it will not work correct and cause stutter, on the other way, it running kodi from a PC it should be possible to still get this working by installing KODI DS player with MADVR or Smooth video project to handle the extra frames.

else i also experience that it can help to switch the os between 50/60 hz to do the best match for doubling fps, but this will still not help frame creation from the TV.

fasted way to disable all the TV stuff is enabling game mode

another thing i also seen can cause stutter is from Android TV, if not all devices is started in the right order than Refresh can be wrong, normally i see this from the interface and than i just restart my TV.when i see this issue it also causing 24hz movies to stutter even if change refresh is enabled in Kodi
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