Addon Settings - User Defined List
I'm just dipping my toe in the great ocean of addon development, so please be gentle...

In my settings, I would like the user to be able to add multiple instances of a setting. Is this even possible? I've looked both here and in the wiki and cannot find anything.

For each instance in the 1..N list, the user would need to be able to set the same set of properties. Adding Video Sources would be a good analogy here, where the user can add one, set its properties and save it. They can also edit existing records.

The widget that I am trying to save 1..N copies of has the following structure.

    Name="String Value"
    Score="Integer Value"
    Enabled="Boolean Value"

Any pointer would be appreciated.

No, you can't currently do that sort of thing without a bunch of ugliness and a defined upper limit.
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