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Artwork vs View table ?

I'm trying "Neon" skin because is one of the skins that can have a Custom Home with Set Playlists (I use it for having Kids and Adult movies separated).

I usually have FilmAffinity (can download info in spanish) or TheMovieDB as scrappers for movies. All with default settings.
For TV Shows I use TheTVDB also with default settings.

So, for a TV show I get the following files at the show level if I export the library:

fanart.jpg (is 1920x1080 and is used by default as a background)
folder.jpg (is something smaller with a banner size; is used for example in MediaView)
season-all.tbn (a thumbnail of a poster/cover for all seasons item)
season01.tbn (a thumbnail of a poster/cover for season 1 ...)
season02.tbn (... and so one)
tvshow.nfo (tv show metadata)

Something similar at the movie level:


Well, I've tried to change settings in the TheTVDB scrapper (like disable "use fanart" option or enable "prefer poster" ) without success. After every change, I remove the TV show from the library, clean the library and delete those jpg,nfo files manually letting only the TV show files. Scan it again into XBMC and exporting the library to several files to see which ones appear or dissapear. But I don't see any changes.

After that, Neon adds add-on "ArtworkDownloader" with some settings for TV/Movies and you can download these items automatically or from every show information page. I've seen that you can have a poster.jpg, banner.jpg, landscape.jpg, clearart.jpg, logo.png, etc.

I know that some of these files are only used by some add-ons (like banner.jpg and poster.jpg are used by TV Guide) but some others I don't know where are they used. For example, in the several views that Neon includes is somewhat confusing which file do I need to download to have it correct. This confusion and the fact that XBMC seems to cache the thumbnails, images, etc. makes it laborious to try every option.

As XBMC/Skin doesn't have an option for "yep, reload all the images in your library from the ones in the hard disk" we must do it by trial and error.

So, would it be possible to have a table, somewhere, with all the possible image files and where they are used? Which artwork uses a view? etc.

Thank you very much for your help and keep with your good job.

PS: I'm using XBMC 11.0 RC2 and Neon skin from the default XBMC add-on repository, so is version 2.5.1 (not NB or GitHub).
Let's see off the top of my head Neon will use (extensions may be wrong)


I think that covers it.
(2012-03-29, 00:07)stoli Wrote: Let's see off the top of my head Neon will use (extensions may be wrong)


I think that covers it.

shouldn't that be /extrafanart/*.jpg ?

At least that's what all other skins use.
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You are correct. Original post updated.

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