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AppleTV 1 (silver) - Crystalbuntu, won't finish the install..
I'm completely out of ideas here haha, I've been at this all day without success. I'm doing the Crystalbuntu install on my Apple TV 1 with an upgraded hard drive and I have followed the steps exactly only to end up at step 14 where it tells me to restart the Apple TV and it automatically starts in OS X rather then the Linux Installer to finish installing after I do the root access correction in terminal.

Quote:How to make a USB stick for XBMC on ATV internal harddrive with USB installstick
2. unpack with betterzip
3. open Terminal
4. type: diskutil list
5. search your usb stick normal it is disk1
6. type: diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk1
7. type: dd if=installer.img of=/dev/disk1
8. wait until get a input prompt, put USB in ATV, power off,on wait
9. time for tricky part, a config file is missing and must be written on linux
10. wait for install failure on ATV, you get a login prompt, login with user/pass ATV
11. type: sudo -s
12. type: cd /
13. echo ubuntu > .distro
14. power off,on wait for a full install, remove USB and wait for XBMC install.

However between steps 6 to 7 I added my own step for changing the directory to my downloads folder so it can find the installer.img without me moving it to the desktop.

My terminal commands are the following.
Quote:diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk1
cd /Users/*my username*/Downloads/
dd if=installer.img of=/dev/disk1

then it sits for about an hour or so until it's finished, once completed it proceeds just fine as it normally should until step 14 where I am told to shut down the Apple TV so I unplug the power cable while keeping my USB Hub plugged in, I plug the power cable back in and it starts back up only to start up with the Apple Logo on the screen and it boots directly into my modded OS X with XBMC installed as if I haven't changed a thing.

I'm just writing it back onto my USB drive so I can try it again and bring up the error I get because in the guide it states to ignore the error but I believe it's not the right error I'm getting. It's the only logical explanation I can think of.

Since I got my Apple TV 1 I have used AtvCloner 0.2 for Lion to clone my 40GB hard drive onto a 320GB hard drive and installed all of that just fine, I then did a factory restore with the new hard drive installed and it restored to 2.0, I then updated it back to 3.0.2 and used the atvusb-creator-1.0.b13 for Mac to make a matchstick and install the launcher along with XBMC, the problem being that audio and video is extremely bad quality and laggy. After some searching I found that Linux will make it run faster as well as opening up the possibility of using a Crystal HD card in the future for full 1080p as well as less strain on the CPU for faster operation and less heat.

But now that I've decided to go the full linux route I can't figure out what to do, I've followed the steps and it's not working like it should be.

Are there any simple ways of doing this over USB if I remove the 320GB and install it manually with my Mac then pop the hard drive back in the Apple TV with it just being able to boot up normally or do I need to install it on the Apple TV over USB?

Also, every time I get to the linux install screen with that error I'm suppose to ignore it all works as it says but after I restart and it boots into OS X the USB drive no longer boots into linux like it did so it's a one shot deal to get it to boot properly, is this a normal step because every time it fails it takes a little over an hour for me to format and make a new installer flash drive to try it again.
Apparently the Windows 8 Dev Preview works just fine for running the Windows GUI installer to make a Crystalbuntu USB. it even had a progress bar at the bottom to let me know it was actually doing something.

I had it all working just fine, I tried to use this tutorial to get my Wifi working with no luck.

I set all of this up on an old 19" CRT I can carry around the house so I set it up next to the router so I could use the little 6' ethernet cable that came with my router to have a wired connection, after finishing the install and having it finally end up in XBMC I set up the weather app to make sure the internet works and checked the system info to see my IP, I then used SFTP with Cyberduck to get access to the Apple TV and copy over that file, however it said "Can not copy, Permission Denied" I then opened the root in terminal via Cyberduck and gained termal root access to the Apple TV, I then used

Quote:sudo chmod 777 /etc

to give me full write ownership over the Apple TV so when I copied the file over to that directory it would allow it, and it did.
but I still don't have Wifi and I'm out of ideas again lol. I changed the permissions back to 755 when I was done to prevent any errors with it being able to read itself afterwords.

Now the second problem is that I set it all up on that old 19" CRT so I need to set it back up into Component mode to hook up to my plasma in my room but when I turned it on this morning the linux versa boot was running just fine however when it should have normally started up with the X in the screen then XBMC loads it just goes to a black screen and sits there. I know it's still getting signal because when it doesn't the TV will tell me so then turn off into standby as part of the burn protection.

So, no wifi still, and no video or audio on start up. Any ideas?

Are there any ways I could change the video settings for XMBX over SSH via Terminal?

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