[Windows] Can't find movie file in Library

I've been reading some threads about Library not being updated with newly added files, even though one would set the option to automatically update the library on startup. But none solves my current issue, so therefore I'm posting a new thread.

I'm having a folder structure looking like this:

Drive:\MOVIES\<name of movie>\<movie-file-name>.extension
Drive2:\MOVIES\<name of movie>\<movie-file-name>.extension
Drive3:\MOVIES\<name of movie>\<movie-file-name>.extension

Previously, I had a film contained in a .rar-archive in the structure above, and that played with no problem. Then after watching the film, I extracted the .mkv file from the rar archive, cleaned the library and restarted xbmc to update the library. But no matter how I do, it won't get back into the Library view. It's possible to find it in the file browser and start it and manually add it to the library, but I don't want to do that. I want the scraper to add it for me.

I've tried cleaning the folder by removing the .nfo-file also, but that doesn't help. Seems like there's no way to get this file into the library. I would like to know what goes wrong, and if anyone could help me with this issue.

It also seems like far from all my movie files are added to the library. I'm missing a bunch of them, and even if I trigger an update I won't get them into the library. But I find them and can play them through the file browser (so I guess they're not broken).

Any help would be very appreciated.

Kind regards,

/ Tommie.
Regarding the last issue I think I found what was wrong: One of the drives wasn't set as containing the type (Movies), but instead (None). That made xbmc find some more of the missing films.

But It still can't find the .mkv file that I unrared that I spoke about in the previous post.

I've checked %appdata%\xbmc\xbmc.log, but that file contains no entry regarding this specific file/movie that I'm having problems with. Maybe I need to turn on some more tracing or something, I don't know.

Still, any help would be useful regarding this issue.


/ T.
If you're missing a single movie, then just find it in Files then Movie Information from context menu.
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Thanks for the reply.

I know I can do that, but there are other several movies missing too. This one was just one example to have something to discuss about.

I want to find out the reason why xbmc can't find the movie, otherwise there isn't a way to correct it. I don't want to manually add a bunch of stuff when there (might be) other solutions to the problem to make the automatic detection work.
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