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(2012-03-25, 21:53)jazha Wrote:
(2012-03-25, 21:37)digzz Wrote: How can we sort this small text issue? I can't even install !!! With this small text....

When booting, press enter when the two icons show up at the bottom of the screen, then choose 120x120pixel installation choice.

I get that, but it's not immediately obvious to everyone. It should either go to a menu with a countdown to default or give clear instructions like 'press enter for boot option menu' instead of a fairly ambiguous screen with a couple of icons on it.
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I have the same problem as the original poster. I have super-huge fonts and the windows are too big. I tried to tab around but I need to do some partitioning and couldn't see the correct buttons. I hit the ENTER button when the two icons appeared to try to find the 120x120 install option. I couldn't find anything that looked like 120x120. Where is it supposed to appear? I tried all of the menus at the bottom and didn't see anything close.
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cant find this other install option - small text is driving me absolutely nuts!
as written above there is two paths to the installation. If you get two big icons your are in the wrong one.
You need a list where one option is "install with fixed dpi".

You get that by pressing enter in the initial screen with a keyboard and straw man icon.
I dont see that option: see here http://imageshack.us/f/641/photoqnt.jpg/
That does not look like the newest version. It should be a list like that but with more option. The trouble is that you can also come to a screen with two big icons (install or try)
Downloaded from here: http://xbmc.org/download/

link was http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/XBMCbun...u-11.0.iso

any other ways to get that install option?
The iso on that link gives an install menu like this
what did you use to create the usb bootable stick?
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tried with unetbootin and I now see those options

Hopefully this helps somebody
I have the same options menu as arno.nel. I tried entering dpi=120 and other combinations into the boot menu options, but nothing worked. I made mine with Lili too. So I will try unetbootin next.
Shuttle XS35GT-V2 running XBMCBuntu
I had the same problem with the small font sizes and the solution with the fixed 120 dpi did the trick. BUT after the installation I wanted to work with the underlying OS and there I have the same problem. The font size is way to small to read anything on my 42'' TV. Has anyone that problem too? Can anyone with the same installation problem confirm that as well? How can I fix this?

I know, many questions, but I think many people will have them.
It's an issue with EDID - either your TV, or a device (like an A/V receiver) passing the signal on to your TV is reporting dpi incorrectly.

Quick fix is simply to disable getting DPI values from your monitor and just setting them yourself.

Edit (as root) xorg.conf, look for the "Device" section, put this in it:

Option "UseEdidDpi" "off"

Then look for the "Monitor" section and put this in it:

DisplaySize 508 286

Control+alt+backspace to restart the shell after you save and you are done.

The above is for a 1920x1080 display; it will give you a DPI of 96, which is more or less a "normal" size for that resolution.

This shouldn't affect XBMC itself one way or another, it's just to correct the issue in LXDE.
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