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help connecting to media through time capsule usb port
howdy guys,

have just discovered the world of xbmc, perfect little setup for what i need at home!

my issue is trying to connect to my media attached to my time capsule by using afp (zeroconf browser).

i can see the time capsule listed (one with afp and one with samba in brackets) however when i select the afp one nothing happens, when i select the samba one it opens up but shows no drives within the directory.

i can access the drive using smb, but seeing as i don't have anything to do with windows at home at all, would prefer to use the native osx option to connect.

any ideas would be very much appreciated!

cheers Big Grin
here is a funny update.

i tried the following to add the time capsule as a source, instead of trying to access it through zeroconf.

-add network location
-protocol: afp
-server address:
-username: (time capsule name)
-password: (time capsule password)

it added the above source path at the top of the list no worries.

then all of a sudden i was able to access the time capsule through both zeroconf and the manually added path aswell!

anybody want to shed any light on what the think might be going on? i have an inkling it has something to do with the time capsule or attached external hard drive going to sleep and xbmc (eden) not allowing enough time for it to wake before trying to access it.

hopefully this helps others out in my situation!

spoke to soon!

now for some reason every now and then xbmc just looses connection to the source, and won't reconnect until i go to add sources and then press on the path that i previously entered in as a network location.

I don't have to actually do anything, and when i back out and browse the files again they all work again!


help connecting to media through time capsule usb port00