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stream audio to iphone
I'm trying to find out if its possible to stream audio from my home server over the internet directly to my iphone

my audio and video content is on a home nas and I use xbmc to stream everything to my ATV2 & iphone 4 (jb with xbmc) while I'm home and on the local network but I'm not sure if I could connect to the home server when I'm outside the network and do the same (at least for audio)

I've found old references to xbmc streamer by Collect3 which seems to be what I'm looking for but I think its been discontinued because I can't find it on the app store

any advice would be appreciated
The most secure way to go about it would be to set up a VPN. Your iPhone would make a connection to your local network and the network would appear as if it were still "local". The iPhone as built-in support for VPNs, so you would just need to set it up on your network.
try the program Subsonic
(2012-03-27, 00:37)amsterdamxxx Wrote: try the program Subsonic

this works well
4x ATV2's (v4.3) XBMC Frodo12.2. Raspberry Pi running MYSQL 5.5.31-0+wheezy1. NAS is a Drobo FS

stream audio to iphone00