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Firstly, thanks mikrohard for providing the binaries for the PVR function to work on Mac OSX. I am a relatively newbie to XBMC, but have been a long time user of Mediaportal, so when I saw your binaries on the PVR integration with XBMC, I thought I'd give it a try.

However, I can't seem to get it to work on my MacbookPro. As mentioned, I am using the PVR client to conect to my Mediaportal TVServer (on another PC), and have exanled and configured the Mediaportal client under your XBMC build - I disabled all other clients.

But when I tried enabling the "Live TV" option, XBMC will just crash. I am running OS X Lion 10.7.3, and attemtping to connect to MP TV Server 1.2.2.

Does anyone has any ideas what could be wrong? Is there any libraries/binaries that I may be missing?

Sorry... I'm using tvheadend so I can't help you with any issues regarding mediaportal. But to opt-out any possible problems due to the build you're using, you can try the latest OSX version from here: http://packages.pulse-eight.net/

Malard what did you mean by "We haven't released one because tcpsocket is missing..."

I've compiled several versions of Eden PVR (crash below is margo's) and as wlgsploter mentioned it crashes every time when Live TV option is enabled with the following. MP PVR addon missing socket lib?

Crashed Thread: 14

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
objc[54046]: garbage collection is OFF

Dyld Error Message:
Symbol not found: __ZN4MPTV6Socket6osInitEv
Referenced from: /Developer/Projects/xbmc_pvr_margo_84a6c17/build/Debug/XBMC.app/Contents/Resources/XBMC/addons/pvr.team-mediaportal.tvserver/XBMC_MPTV.pvr
Expected in: dynamic lookup

Thread 14 Crashed:
0 dyld 0x8fea2071 dyld_fatal_error + 1
1 dyld 0x8fea5df4 dyld::bindLazySymbol(mach_header const*, unsigned long*) + 129
2 dyld 0x8feb43ce stub_binding_helper_interface2 + 20
3 XBMC_MPTV.pvr 0x13568445 MPTV::Socket::create() + 37 (Socket.cpp:109)
4 XBMC_MPTV.pvr 0x1355c475 cPVRClientMediaPortal::Connect() + 101 (pvrclient-mediaportal.cpp:166)
5 XBMC_MPTV.pvr 0x1355a49f ADDON_Create + 431 (client.cpp:108)
6 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x009862fb DllAddon<PVRClient, PVR_PROPERTIES>::Create(void*, PVR_PROPERTIES*) + 27 (DllAddon.h:47)
7 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x00986c73 ADDON::CAddonDll<DllPVRClient, PVRClient, PVR_PROPERTIES>::Create() + 285 (AddonDll.h:201)
8 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x009827e0 PVR::CPVRClient::Create(int) + 270 (PVRClient.cpp:111)
9 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x0098d16f PVR::CPVRClients::InitialiseClient(boost:Confusedhared_ptr<ADDON::IAddon>) + 789 (PVRClients.cpp:1092)
10 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x0098e042 PVR::CPVRClients::UpdateAndInitialiseClients(bool) + 816 (PVRClients.cpp:1121)
11 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x0098f027 PVR::CPVRClients:Tonguerocess() + 107 (PVRClients.cpp:1180)
12 com.teamxbmc.xbmc 0x00634adc CThread:ConfusedtaticThread(void*) + 550 (Thread.cpp:187)
13 libsystem_c.dylib 0x9c250ed9 _pthread_start + 335
14 libsystem_c.dylib 0x9c2546de thread_start + 34

I can only say I am successfully using mikrohard's build with for the record backend and plugin. Thanks again mikrohard!
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Pecinko are you using MediaPortal pvr client plugin?
No I'm using For The Record both backend and plugin. Give it a go if you don't mind switching from mediaportal.
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For clarification sake as For The Record supports MediaPortal integration as well - I'm using default installation with their web server and Argus. Never got MediaPortal to work with my TV card.

I also find it much easier to setup. Step by step guide can be found here.
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That worked! Thanks guys!
any way you can do a compile of the TSP repo??

mythtv user here and i cant get boost to link to the cmake environment properly

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