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Coverlow Interface?
As the most fortunate (recovering from an "OCPD Corner") individual in the world, I went to download Eden 11.0 and saw what appears to be a screenshot of a "Coverflow movie browser interface." I had almost given up on finding what I feel is one of the most elegant interfaces in the world in the "public domain," thinking perhaps that Apple had "locked it up tight." What skin do I need for this interface and how do I enable it? (Thank you!)
If you can link the actual image we might be able to help.
I appreciate your near immediate reply! While it's not the image that originally caught my (neurologically impatient) eye, I'm submitting a link that's "billed" as a "Music Coverflow" interface - which is "close enough" for this initial request from a recovering "lucky newbie"!Image (Thank you!)

Looks like the default skin Confluence. Have you tried changing the views?
Nah its the old mediastream skin hitcher (look at the URL) that confluence was long ago based on (visually not code) skunkmonkee never updated it for eden and I'm pretty sure a few other skins have that coverflow look as well
I appreciate BOTH replies (being VERY new to XMBC) and would like to "offer":
1. "Changing Views" cycles between { List > Big List > Thumbnail > Wide Icons } with no "Coverflow" in sight?
2. supports the fact that this is an "old feature..."
While it's possible I'm alone in the world finding Coverflow aesthetically pleasing, I suspect it's "out there somewhere" waiting to be enabled. Any further feedback would be appreciated!

Coverlow Interface?00