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The Most TV Shows
Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many TV Shows everyone else has in their XBMC libraries. I'm currently at 66 TV Shows (2834 episodes)
219 Shows but not sure how to check episode count.
(2012-03-27, 02:10)ogar1978 Wrote: 219 Shows but not sure how to check episode count.

*jaw drops* damn, I thought I had a lot, also, to see the episode count you can use the Aeon Nox Skin and if you have "TV Shows" on your home screen it should say "Shows: # Episodes: # Unwatched Episodes: #" if you need further clarification of that just reply and I'll post a screenshot of what it looks like Smile
394 Shows, 12,556 episodes
(2012-03-27, 02:36)ihaterich Wrote: 394 Shows, 12,556 episodes

looks like I have some catching up to do, but I'm currently almost close to capacity out of 1.75 TB, want to get a few 2 TB soon and get all the stuff I currently have in SD in HD, but I need a job first to pay for the drives, high school sucks Tongue
308 Shows, 10,045 episodes
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122 shows, 9,230 episodes
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Current show count is somewhere between 400 and 500, not exactly sure. I only have 137 setup for XBMC right now. Not sure on episode count.
323 shows, 14274 episodes. if you figure 30 minute shows, it'll take about a year watching something 24/7 to watch them all.
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I don't think having a lot of shows is impressive. It's all about how many watched shows/episodes you have Wink
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223 shows 17703 episodes
i don't have many yet but recommend some of the best to me
151 shows with 10819 episodes.

More then half of them having been watched by either myself or my wife or both Smile
Wow, you guys actually watch that many tv shows, atm im watching 4 or 5 shows and thats the most ive watched at once. lol
Plus, i kinda see downloading/keeping tv shows a waste of space, i'll never watch them more than once, unlike movies. Not sure about the rest of you.

Gotta love addons =)

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