ATV + XBMC + Webcam = FaceTime?

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I have been searching for a thread about this, but have drawn blanks. Allow me therefore to start this thread on the subject of adding a webcam (iSight in my case) to the back of the ATV and get an interface on XBMC where you could login to your FaceTime/Skype/Gtalk/etc. accounts and have video chats from the comfort of the living room. Could a webcam even run from the USB on the ATV and would XBMC be able to run the feed?

Any thoughts on this - would the idea have any traction?
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#1 The usb is only there to update the atv, the interface is not available to xbmc.
#2 atv does not equal magical facetime support, the solution has to be created from scratch (unlikely due to #1)
#3 great idea, but the atv is not the best place to start develope this. Consider a windows or linx based xbmc

As a core functionality i think this will never happen as this functionality is considered as something an addon should do.

Hope this covers you questions Smile
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