A "Maybe" list
Howdo all,

The way my wife and I tend to choose a film to watch on an evening usually comes down to scrolling through what's unwatched and saying yes, no or maybe, and then if we only have maybes, flicking back through and narrowing it down.
Could there be a way to mark movies/episodes as a "maybe", which populates a list to make this an easier task?
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sounds familiar ... beside that wife thingy Wink
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+1 for this idea. The girlfriend and I do the same thing. When your collection of movies is 600+, it gets a bit hard to even remember what ones you possibly wanted to watch. Tongue
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I would recommend adding a feature request through the correct channels though: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_submi...re_request
Maybe this could be accomplished through a script that adds them to smart playlists? I'm no developer...
+1 for this.

We could take it a step further if the Scraper databases had related/similar movies listed in relation to a particular movie/tv show. Like you would select a movie, and it would display other similar movies that you have in your library that are like it. That would be a killer feature.
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Woop, i've been informed that this is already possible via video playlists.

Press "q" on any films youre thinking of watching, and when you've been through and selected your maybes, press the spacebar to see which ones you've selected.
Use the "c" menu to remove them.


Thanks be to Phil65
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