onPlayBackStarted in service addon

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nilzen Offline
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Can someone please point me in the right direction for listening to player events, onPlayBackStarted etc, in a service addon?

import xbmc

class PlayerEvents(xbmc.Player) :
    def onPlayBackStarted(self):



"init" gets logged but never "play", Python isn't my preferred language so I'm sure if there's a better way to subscribe to player events but I found some example code where they were listening to player event this way using the old autoexec.py
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jmarshall Offline
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IIRC you need to have a while (!xbmc.abortRequested) or thereabouts there, otherwise your script completes immediately.

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Bstrdsmkr Offline
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Yeah, you have to keep the script running by checking for a condition and then sleeping.
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Popeye Offline
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use xbmc.sleep not time.sleep..

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