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Linux - Getting Samba to work on XBMCBuntu
Hey guys,

I have been playing around with XBMCBuntu for a few weeks now everything works fine except one thing, sharing to Windows machines, 2 on Win7 and one on XP.

I have installed Samba so many times without success, the services are running fine and I can see the machine listed in Windows by name without doing anything but installing Samba from the terminal. I have edited smb.conf so many times too, without success. I'm a bit confused as to whether to add lines in the smb.conf or completely delete all that is in there and start from scratch. To be fair I have no idea how to edit it right, have followed a few guides but they're vague.

What I'm curious about is that when Samba is installed, should I have the ability to just right click and drive and share it? like in the full Ubuntu install, or am I forced to edit the smb.conf file. It appears in the start menu once installed, click it and asks for a password, put that in and nothing happens.

If anyone has a kind of step by step guide with a wroking smb.conf file that works that I can edit that'd be awesome.

I'm totally at a loss, otherwise XBMCBuntu is awesome.

Thanks guys.
im with drowning here without being able to browse into my machine
i had it setup perfect in xbmc live that i upgraded to a total loss now
finally tracked down some old notes/links
i didn't find my old notes for setting up root share but this should work

i did it from xterm....didnt know if that was right but all the links i found to open a terminal window wouldn't work in xbmcbuntu but xterm worked
I'll test it when i get home and see how it goes, it's driving me mad Smile

Thanks for your help.
you can try to install webmin - it makes all configuration stuff much easier -including samba
Hi this helped me share with Windows, even when dual booted on one PC.

Only problem I have is the Shares don't appear in XBMC until I have gone to Desktop>File Manager and clicked on the folder concerned, then back in XBMC it works.



I have had a lot of trouble getting samba to work decent too but i got a good config file now that works for me. If you want to try it out replace /etc/samba/smb.conf with in the following

Note that i wanted a network between my XBMC and Win7 share that doesn't have logins and all has full permission. My Win7 shares is also set up with full read/write for everyone.

Next i had problems getting xbmc to find the shares through the "add source -> smb share" thing. If you are lucky to find your shares in this way but another problem arise depending on how you use your xbmc mediecenter. My Win7 share is my normal work PC and is being turned off at night but my mediecenter isn't. If my xbmc is inside a samba share when my windows computer has been shutdown it will become stuck and just keep on trying to find the shared folder. So to fix this is use automounter instead which for me works 10 times better than the normal samba sharing. So try this out:

sudo apt-get install smbclient
sudo apt-get install smbfs
sudo apt-get install autofs

Add to /etc/auto.master file (uid and gid is the xbmc userid and groupid)

/smb /etc/auto.smb uid=1000,gid=1000,--timeout=30

next replace /etc/auto.smb with

sudo chmod 755 /etc/auto.smb

Create a new file called:

sudo nano /etc/auto.smb.COMPUTERSHAREDNAME

In this file add:


Now reboot and check out the new folder in the root directory

cd /smb
ls /smb

If you are lucky this will show a folder with our computername that has been shared, but in most cases you will have to do the following:


This will find and mount the computername and you should be able to find all your files here. After some time this folder will disappear again but if a program like xbmc is using it it will stay active.

To find this in xbmc go to "Add source -> Browse -> Root folder -> smb -> computername -> folder" (if no folder is listed do the step above and cd into the computername so you will be able to add it)

Afterwards xbmc will find it automatically.

Buh! it seems I'm incapable as I simply cannot get it to work with any guide at all.

I don't know if I should remove everything from the smb.conf file and make a fresh one, actually that file doesn't make much sense to me at all Smile

I really don't want to have to install full Ubuntu just so I can share folders with windows.

If anyone knows a retard proof guide for Samba, by god send it my way!
Ignore that... got it working!

I'm an idiot....lets just leave it at that Smile

Thanks for your help guys.
sudo apt-get install samba will solve any issues for me
Ubuntu 11.10/
XBMC 10.1
N other configurations are needed.
(Mind it, as far as I know, smbfs and samba although doing the same work, are different packages)
(2012-03-31, 12:23)Gidget Wrote: Ignore that... got it working!

I'm an idiot....lets just leave it at that Smile

Thanks for your help guys.

Hi Gidget,

Would you mind sharing what you did to make it work? I am having the same issue.


if you can open the link i gave it will work.....i used it on multiple acer revo machines for xbmclive and now eden
(2012-04-12, 17:10)bigdog66 Wrote: if you can open the link i gave it will work.....i used it on multiple acer revo machines for xbmclive and now eden

Thank you Bigdog... for it to work in XBMCbuntu, do I need to create a folder /home/xbmc? I saw that the samba.conf file calls for this folder but it does not yet exist on my setup.

Would this be where movies and TV show files get copied? I assume they can also be in an external drive that gets automounted and shows up in /media/ folder.

My goal is to setup so that Windows or Mac can see media stored on the XBMCbunto device.

Many thanks,


deckoff... Not sure if you noticed this. But XBMCbuntu and XBMC installed on ubuntu are different.
Installing webmin helps eliminate some samba setup issues. It's a gui web interface for smb configurations. In some instances it's clearer and quicker than editing conf files.

Getting Samba to work on XBMCBuntu00