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How do I scrape music artist

I've searched the forums but so far have failed finding the right info.

I have a large collection of music, flac files properly tagged and stored as \genres\artist\albums\songs

I set Last FM as the default artist scraper on the main music settings page. But when I right click on an artist icon and choose "change scraper" no scraper is set, the left side of the screen has no scraper shown/set under the text "current scraper". If I choose "Allmusic" as a scraper and then right click artist again and choose "artist info" I get nowhere (just the edit artist name popup and nothing more). This might be due to some copyright prevention thingy on Allmusic, I'm in Sweden.. But if I choose change scraper and set it to Last.FM and then choose "artist info" I get a short list of relevant artists to choose from, I choose the right artist and then the artist info is properly downloaded!!! But I have to change scraper manually on each artist and there are close to 1500 of them....

How do I change the artist scraper to Last.FM on ALL artists at once?

Thanks in advance!

On XBMC 11.0 and windows
Found the solution in this thread:

delete music source in xbmc
delete mymusic db files
re add source

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