Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Yes, the hardware looks really good, don't be fooled. It is A LOT better then the R-Pi hardware. I already mentioned it in the ARM SoC thread.

I have ordered one by myself to start playing. My aim is to have OE ported on it,
But will most likely start with a standard ubuntu rootfs first.

I already have a compiled kernel and rootfs ready to be loaded onto the SD-card.

I am now in process to have a qemu system simulating the exact U-Boot -> Kernel -> rootfs proces. This can be used to keep playing with different kernels, modules and download, upgrade, compile, etc. from within the rootfs. (a bit like what raspbmc is doing, so maybe I even move from OE to that structure)

Bare in mind that the video-decoding stuff is not yet GPL licenced and released, but will most likely be in the near future. Allwinner is in progress of getting fully GPL complianced. Here is a link to a good article about that;
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