Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
WOW, I've been reading a fare bit about the Raspberry Pi, and a lot of other cheap ARM based SoC products out there and this by fare looks the most promising. The unit cost really can't be beat and the form factor is good too. I really do hope all the video decoding stuff gets open-sourced as many claim it will be . I was thinking about getting a Panda Board but now I am perhaps reconsidering. The price on A10 based solutions is ridiculously low and I hope to see more interest in getting XBMC to run in this thing. I imagine it probably already does run on it as its just another ARM chip with a MALI400 GPU. With hardware decoding this type of device has some serous promise.


P.S. Has anyone actually got a Linux distro and XBMC running on this thing yet?
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RE: Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ? - by slicemaster - 2012-04-14, 07:38

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